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Participating with Daily Light Media

We are very excited that dailylight.co.uk receives hits from all over the world, including most of those countries where you'd least expect Christians to have sufficient freedom to read it. What's more, a large bulk of subscribers (our Christian brothers and sisters) come from relatively poor populous countries like the Philippines and India. So we're very keen to ramp up our entire operation as quickly as possible, and move from being a very part-time affair, to an organisation which offers Daily Light readings in many languages and in several translations of the Bible.

We believe Daily Light has a huge part to play throughout the world in encouraging Christians young and old, and providing a bedrock of spiritual teaching where it is otherwise very difficult to obtain.

Your donation will help us to keep sending out emails, and to advertise "Daily Light by Email" much more extensively across the world. For example, we would like to be using Google Adwords on a regular or permanent basis. On average each new subscriber costs about £0.60 or $1US in advertising costs - although this is reducing as our search engine rankings improve.

Ultimately we would also like to publish several new and clearer imprints of Daily Light, taking seriously its well proven ability to encourage and train Christians in all continents. Whatever the size of your donation it will be grateful received and carefully used. So, if you are able, please donate using the button below! If your circumstances make this impossible you can still help our work by vigorously encouraging your friends and acquaintances to subscribe to the emails.

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