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Make the most of reading Daily Light on the Daily Path

Although in one sense Daily Light is nothing more complicated than a sequence of Bible verses, those verses were arranged so well by the Bagster family, that they still function as a very powerful Scripture explanation tool. Of course, as Christians we believe that this power lies in the fact that each verse comes from the living word of God (Hebrews 4:12).

Remember that each verse was chosen so that it contributed to the reading's main theme. Some themes are much more familiar than others - but are never exhausted in their depth and significance. Other themes seem new, or relatively obscure at first, but their discovery only serves to excite and inspire each of us to read God's word more thoroughly.

Look at it this way! Each reading exposes a single surface of the multi-faceted Gospel diamond - without fuss or complication. As such, a regular Daily Light reader steadily builds a foundation of mature Christian understanding - and a thoroughgoing appreciation of God's grace and purpose in Jesus Christ.

Therefore, always be on the look-out for the intended theme in each reading. Examine it in your own mind, and test it against your existing knowledge of the Scriptures. If you have time, check each verse in the context of the whole chapter, perhaps by clicking the link to Biblegateway.com. A Daily Light reading can certainly be the basis of a more extensive Bible study, and it should also be used as a springboard to prayer!

Daily Light will always be a secondary source - by contrast with the primary source of Scripture itself. However, in an increasingly busy world, "Daily Light on the Daily Path" continues to be a very practical channel by which millions of Christians hear God speak through his word every day.

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